Team Work & Office Culture

Central Cargo Relocations  is a well reputed organization, a top packers & movers in india , which provides quality packers and movers services across the nation. We perform our work with due precision and quality, and ensure the best possible results.

As an organization perceived as top packers & movers in India , we hire the best available professional experts in the field of logistics from India and beyond. Our team of champions always performs to provide world class services, while keeping our costs affordable.

For over 10 years, we have been providing our clients with convenient and functional plans and expressive Logistic services.
The Services We Provide:

Central Cargo Relocations services cover almost all your needs while relocating or shifting. Specifically, we deal with with management of:-

Our Team of Experts:

Central Cargo Relocations, a top packers & movers in india, vigorously seeks the highest constant performers in the field of logistics and ensures their presence within the team.

They are not only experts in their line of work, but artists of logistics management – and the symphony of their work is flawless. With organization, training, and regular development; their performance is bettered as they work with one of the largest logistics brands of the country.

Our Promise of Quality Logistics Management:

Central Cargo Relocations believes in the pursuit of excellence. So, a service of the highest quality is not only our liability but our earnest passion. Our expert team members always ensure safety, security, efficiency, and punctuality. We ensure personal escorts with every shipment, and well trained staff in each different task to guarantee infallible performance.


From The Desk OF CEO


At Central Cargo Relocations we believe in developing an effective and productive Organization that achieves its Mission…To appreciate the pivotal role that productivity plays in the consistent functioning of an Organization, it is vital to understand the variables that are responsible for a Customer to consider an Organization as a Business Partner.These are: the overall Service offering, the Vendor’s fact file, and the cost. One more Key variable lies between the Fact Files and the Cost, it is how the delivery is leveraged from the Fact Files at a reasonable Cost, that is the Ratio of the Fact Files V/s Cost.The Customer’s Loyalties are not with the Vendor’s Fact File, but tied to Satisfactory Project deliveries at an equitable cost.

This is the Classic cause and effect Analysis! The cause is the “Fact File”, the effect is “delivery”, and in between resides the Cost-Fact File Comparison and the Related Productivities of the Team and the Talent Pool.A Service Provider must Focus on all these variables and especially on what lies in between.In our Industry, delivery Excellence is broadly measured through the fulfillment of the following attributes, – Quality, Speed, Consistency, Responsiveness, Scalability and Value-ad dividends with Cost as a denominator.Our Organization’s thought Leadership is rooted in the Innovation applied to stretch the Productivity of all these attributes that together move towards achieving the Customer’s Satisfaction.I Welcome you to be a part of the Productive Journey at Central Cargo Relocations.

Mr. Shailesh Nadkarni